Midwest Obsession

She’ll do anything to get her man. Even commit murder…

A deranged beauty queen, a dangerously obsessive love affair and the claustrophobic world of small-town America combine to deadly effect in this compelling, chilling psychological thriller, which features stars from three top TV series: COURTNEY THORNE-SMITH (Ally McBeal), KYLE SECOR (Homicide: Life on the Street) and TRACEY GOLD (Growing Pains).

Drop-dead gorgeous Dairy Princess Cheryl Davis (Courtney Thorne-Smith) is determined to get her man, and no-one fits her profile for the perfect husband better than handsome cowboy Kevin Reese (Kyle Secor).

Even the fact that Kevin has a steady girlfriend, the quiet and charming Beth (Tracey Gold),does nothing to curb Cheryl’s dreams’ of romance.

Using cunning, manipulation and her lethal sexuality, she succeeds in separating the couple and claims Kevin for her own, even threatening suicide if he fails to return her love.

But Kevin soon wearies of Cheryl’s near-psychotic affection. He breaks off the relationship and returns to Beth. Deprived of the man she seemed destined to marry, an unstable Cheryl unleashes a devious plot to kill her rival. And it s a plot with a gruesome twist…