The Syrian war has so far caused up to 40,000 deaths and 4.8 million refugees who have fled to Libya, Turkey and Jordan. This film is based on a true …read more

The Secret of Santa Vittoria

The Secret of Santa Vittoria

Summer 1943: Benito Mussolini’s Fascist government has fallen and the German army has occupied most of Italy – bad news indeed for the sleepy little hill-town of Santa Vittoria, where …read more


Field Punishment No.1

They endured incarceration in hellish punishment camps – even asylums for the insane. They were stigmatised and tortured in an attempt to break their spirit. And despite their courageous stance, …read more


A Sense of Freedom

Jimmy Boyle was Scotland’s most feared gangster – then he got a taste of his own medicine when he was sentenced to life in a prison where the regime was …read more



Life couldn’t seem more perfect for the beautiful Aurora  as she falls madly in love with Sebastian, the handsome, wealthy boy next door. But life changes dramatically when Aurora’s father …read more


Drums Along The Mohawk

John Ford directs this Technicolor outdoor adventure set before the Revolutionary War in the American Colonial period. Henry Fonda and Claudette Colbert star as Gilbert and Magdelana (Lana) Martin, a …read more


Polar Bear King

In a land far, far away, a jealous witch casts a wicked spell turning a young king into a polar bear. The polar bear travels to the far off land …read more


Death Of A Cheerleader

Crime drama starring Tori Spelling as a school cheerleader who is worshipped by her teachers and fellow pupils. However, if anyone fails to live up to her expectations she is …read more