They’re a central part of our nation’s history – and, thanks to their royal lifestyle, glittering achievements and often controversial behaviour, an endless source of fascination. Odyssey Video presents a wonderfully broad-ranging array of over 35 documentaries, co-produced during the past two decades with BBC Worldwide, ITV and Universal Television and shown in over 80 countries, which explore multiple aspects of our often scandalous but always fascinating ‘royals’.

HM The Queen: A Lifetime of Service

Queen Elizabeth II – the sixth queen regnant and 63rd sovereign of Britain. She can trace her ancestry beyond the Hanoverians, Stuarts, Tudors, Plantagenets and Normans, back to the Saxon …read more


Fourteen Weddings and a Divorce

Like any modern family the British royal family has had its fair share of turmoil, the only difference is, it’s all reported in the media and is the business of …read more


HM The Queen: Her True Story

With extensive coverage of the early years of Elizabeth’s life, this is an updated look at the life of Britain’s monarch. The Queen’s stability has allowed Britain to shed an …read more


Princess Diana: In Search of Happiness

The definitive portrait of the 20th century’s most remarkable woman Princess Diana – with exclusive interviews and moving footage of her legendary rise to popularity and celebrity status. No other …read more


Diana: where now?

This remarkable portrait of Princess Diana examines her life following her divorce from Prince Charles. Drawing from unique sources this programme builds a picture of a beautiful and confident woman, …read more


Diana: A Model Princess

As much as she was known for her kindness and the scandal that surrounded her marriage, Diana, Princess of Wales, was also known for her unerring sense of style that …read more