Odyssey was founded in 1981 and was one of the very first independent video distributors ever. Odyssey has released hundreds of true story feature films and TV movies and may be said to have created the “true story phenomenon”. In one year alone it had 39 Top 40 video hits. Odyssey released and restored nearly all of the Merchant Ivory feature films as well as releasing all of Barbara Taylor Bradford’s mini-series and TV movies.
Adrian Munsey, Odyssey’s creator, also restored TOMMY, released SCUM and many other fine feature films as well as becoming known as a performed and recorded composer and songwriter. In 2005 Adrian Munsey co-founded the highly successful True Movies group of television channels – still the most successful launch SKY has ever had. Odyssey Television has produced 32 television documentaries on the British Royal Family, one on President Clinton. Adrian Munsey has produced two feature films and has two more in development. The relaunch of Odyssey in 2011 restarts a fine tradition started 30 years ago.
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