The Luca Zingaretti Collection – vol II £15.99

Luca Zingaretti collection -vol II

Collection of works starring Italian actor Luca Zingaretti. In ‘The Octopus 8: The Scandal’ (1997) Zingaretti plays mafia boss Pietro Favignana in this television drama based on the history of the Italian mafia from the 1950s to 1960s. In ‘Kryptonite!’ (2011), seven-year-old Peppino (Luigi Catani) is taken to live with his dysfunctional external family, after his mother becomes overwhelmed with depression in discovering that Peppino’s father (Zingaretti) is having an affair. While trying to adapt to his new life, he has many encounters with his deceased cousin who was hit by a bus and killed, and lived a deluded existence convinced he was Superman. In ‘Adriano Olivetti’ (2013) Zingaretti plays the Italian engineer, politician and entrepreneur Adriano Olivetti. Throughout his life, Olivetti pioneered new approaches to business and industry while contributing towards the economic restoration of his home country after the Second World War until his untimely death in 1960. In ‘Party Cloudy With Sunny Spells’ (2015) two friends Giacomo (Zingaretti) and Ermanno (Pasquale Petrolo) strike oil while attempting to hide a barrel. After the celebration of their initial success, the pair soon conflict with each other as they must overcome the obstacles around their recent discovery.