I’ll Be Home for Christmas

Christmas is a time when you feel the loss of loved ones most keenly, but it can also be a time for recovery, reconciliation – and romance!

Big-city surgeon Michael (ROBERT HAYS, Airplane!) is still mourning his wife, who passed away four years ago. At Christmas, he returns with his daughter, Jilly (ASHLEY GORRELL, Baywatch), to his home town where his father, Bob (JACK PALANCE, Oscar® winner for City Slickers), and the townsfolk want him to stay and run the local hospital. There’s a problem, however. It’s Sarah (Golden Globe winner ANN JILLIAN, The Ann Jillian Story), the local vet, town mayor – and Michael’s ex-girlfriend. She thinks that Michael’s far too high-powered to adjust to small-town life. But the wily old Bob has other ideas…