The Gingerbread Man £10.72

Gingerbread Man

Kenneth Branagh plays cocky Savannah lawyer Rick Magruder, who makes the mistake of falling for the sultry charms of waitress Mallory Doss (Embeth Davidtz). Mallory feels threatened by her father Dixon (Robert Duvall), a member of a cult, and Rick agrees to take on her case. With help from private eye Clyde Pell (a scene-stealing Robert Downey Jr), his acerbic PA Lois Harlan (Daryl Hannah) and Mallory’s ex-husband, Pete Randle (Tom Berenger), Rick succeeds in getting Dixon institutionalised. But Dixon escapes and the threats begin against both Rick and his young children, which brings him into direct conflict with his estranged wife Leeanne (Famke Janssen). With both a trumped-up murder charge looming over him and a hurricane closing in on the Deep South, Rick is forced to go on the run as he fights to clear his name – and save his life. But just who can he trust?

“Robert Altman plays a John Grisham mystery in a seductive new key” – NEW YORK TIMES