Fourteen Weddings and a Divorce

Like any modern family the British royal family has had its fair share of turmoil, the only difference is, it’s all reported in the media and is the business of the whole world.

Not a day goes by without some news of the royals; their image is most popularly encapsulated around the world in the powerful pictures of royal weddings and funerals, punctuated on a continuous basis by gossip and scandal.

Chronicling the romantic life of Britain’s royal family in the 20th century, this DVD includes archive film footage, photographs, personal accounts, and interviews and tells the true stories of royal love and marriage.

Highlights include accounts of the Duke of Windsor’s abdication of the throne to marry an American divorcee, Mrs. Simpson, the celebrated wedding of Prince Charles and Diana, and their bitter divorce which saddened the nation and the world.

This documentary explores the history of royal marriages in the twentieth century and asks what next for a royal family increasingly battered by pressures from all sides.