They’re a central part of our nation’s history – and, thanks to their royal lifestyle, glittering achievements and often controversial behaviour, an endless source of fascination. Odyssey Video presents a wonderfully broad-ranging array of over 35 documentaries, co-produced during the past two decades with BBC Worldwide, ITV and Universal Television and shown in over 80 countries, which explore multiple aspects of our often scandalous but always fascinating ‘royals’.

The Private Life of Princess Diana

This thrilling documentary focuses on three key themes in the private life of Diana, Princess of Wales.   Diana didn’t want a divorce and her adultery seemed less calculated than that …read more


Dangerous Indiscretions

Throughout the history of the British monarchy, indiscretions and hastily covered up naughtiness have blighted the ruling families. Lust and power are two words almost inseparable. Henry VIII started the …read more


The New Royals

As the new millennium came and went a new era dawned on the royal family. Increasingly they found themselves sharing the spotlight with a new form of aristocracy – that …read more


Diana: A Portrait

Running Time: 50 min No other woman in modern times has commanded so much attention as Diana, Princess of Wales. She was seen by her adoring public as a fairy-tale …read more

William and Kate: into the future

William and Kate: Into the Future

Running Time: 50 min Certificate: E Catalogue No.: OD079 Barcode: 5060098700799 This brand-new royal documentary from Odyssey explores multiple strands to present a comprehensive portrait of the Duke and Duchess …read more

Royal Box Set

Royal Box Set

Running Time: 150 min Certificate: E Catalogue No.: OD164 Barcode: 5060098701642 Into the Future: Prince William and Prince Harry The two British royal princes are up there with the leading …read more